about the artist

hi y'all! i'm rooble! 
i'm just another gay pisces making art in the PNW! 
thank you so much for checking out my shop! 💛

here you can find stickers, prints, digital wallpapers, and more!

 i moved to seattle in 2014, and opened up my shop (formerly shopRWD) in the summer of 2017 after leaving my job that was negatively impacting my mental health. i've always been a very creative person (the kind who has to learn a new skill or indulge in a new hobby every 30 seconds), and creating art for this shop has been the most fulfilling endeavor of my life. 

i love bold textures you can almost feel with your eyes, funky limited color palettes, and subjects that i feel the most drawn to (plants, food, interiors, celestial things, etc). 

i hope you can feel the joy in each piece you see here! 🥰
if you're planning on sharing online, use #shoprooble so I can share your post!

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